(Français) Lancement du Levia Test pour le suivi des levures

Fermentation yeasts are naturally present in the soil, on fruits and in the working surroundings. These yeasts are responsible for alcohol or other molecules production and are widely used in fermentation process.

These production auxiliaries must be viable for producing the desired activity, nevertheless with alcohol production or during starter production, some will die. To evaluate a starter’s performances or the evolution of a fermentation, you have to be able to measure rapidly living and active yeasts.

Cellular viability is not the only important parameter to measure for an optimal yeast use in production processes.

You have to verify that they are still able to realize their biological activity and then measure their vitality. A yeast with a major vitality will be very efficient whereas and exhausted yeast will not produce anything and can even let other organisms proliferate.


The Levia Test give you the opportunity to answer to all these question with a single reagent.

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