MilkyWay LAB

Quantification of lactic acid bacteria

The directive ISO19344 / IDF 232 was prepared by the IDF Standing Committee on Analytical Methods for Dairy Microorganisms and the ISO Technical Committee ISO/TC 34 on Food products, Subcommittee SC 5 on Milk and milk products.
Quantification of lactic acid bacteria is a tool for assessing the quality of starter cultures, probiotics and fermented milk products, especially to optimize production processes and evaluate stability during shelf-life.
The MILKY WAY LAB kit have been developed to fulfill all the requirement of the A protocol of that directive.

Principle of detection

Initial suspensions, and/or dilutions are stained with a non-permeant red-fluorescent dye targeting nucleic acid and with a substrate for intracellular esterase producing a green fluorescence in living cells. Then living cells
are stained only in green and damaged or dead cell in red. They can be counted with a flow cytometer of a fluorescence microscope.

  • Test realized in less than 1 hour

  • Suitable for all flow cytometers

  • Accurate concentration measurement

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