Flow Cytometry facility core

Flow cytometry is a potent tool for cell or molecule detection.

We propose services with à 3 laser (violet, blue, red) system, able to detect up to 10 colors simulteously. We have the possibility to perform most of the analysis actually known:

  • Immunophenotyping
  • Cell cycle
  • Apoptosis
  • Cellular Physiology
  • Microbiology

We hold you in the protocol redaction and we can provide the reagents.

We propose training courses in various domain.

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Protein multiplex analysis facility core

Amarok Biotechnologies protein detection platform created in partnership with Merck offers analytical services based on the Milliplex technology.

    • Your samples are precious
    • Your ressources are limited
    • Your workingday has only 24 hours

Then multiplexing methods and out-sourcing with a proficient scientifical and technical team are the best solutions for:

    • Reducing the volume amount of the samples
    • Allowing multiple detection in the same time
    • Optimizing the ressource needs

Milliplex assays offer the largest panel selection on multiplexing technology.

2017 Multiplex Analytical Catalog

Biomarkers validation

New drug development imply to rapidly and precisely monitor patient or cell response. This evaluation needs biological markers specific of the pathology, with high sensitivity for detection of the changes and if possible predictive of the disease evolution.

In environmental biology, biomarkers are used to evaluate pollution impact on life (vegetal or animal).

With our professional network we can manage clinical trials to evaluate and validate the use of new biomarkers.