Amarok Biotechnologies is a contract research organisation created in 2011 by Vincent GENTY, PhD specialized in cellular and molecular biology. He managed several R&D laboratories during about fifteen years before setting his firm on the French Brittany shore in Saint-Malo.

Amarok Biotechnologies starts its activities with contract services with a strong investment in medical and biological analysis (Central cytometry lab for an international clinical study) and biological reagents and analytical systems validation.

Developing now its own research programs, Amarok Biotechnologies brings you the abilities of a multi-proficiencies team and a wide partner’s network to manage projects in various domains, including medical biology (red biotechs), industrial biotechnologies (white biotechs), plant and agro-food biology (green biotechs), environmental techologies (yellow biotechs) and of course as settled in Saint-Malo, marine biotechologies (blue biotechs).

At its inception, Amarok Biotechologies was awarded the

Why Amarok ?

In comparison to the Inuit’s Amarok lesson, the management of research and developement programs may require the assistance of an expert from outside. this expert will help to chose the better way to develop the program, eliminating the wrong way.

Amarok’s legend

Amarok means « wolf » or « wolf spirit » in Inuit language.

Amerindian and Inuit folks always set an important place to the wolf in their culture, but unlike Europeans they considered wolfs as a brother, a fellow in their food research and a teacher.

The Wolf and the Caribou legend was reported by Farley Mowat in 1974 :

At the beginning of times, there was no living animals, just the first man and the first woman. The woman asked to Kaïla, the great god, to populate the earth.

He sent her to dig a hole in the ice to fish and the woman bring out the hole the whole animals of the creation one by one. The last one was the caribou.

Kaïla said that the caribou was his most beautiful gift for it will give food to her people. The woman set free the caribou to populate the land. Rapidly, the herds grew up and the sons of the woman hunted them to eat and manufacture tipis and clothes.

However, the descendants of the first woman always choose the best animals from the herd, so remains only the sick or weak ones, and they refused and feared to use them to avoid sickness and weakness.

The woman ask for a solution to Kaïla, and he went to the Wolf Spirit’s lair. He asked Amarok to send its sons, the wolves, to clear the herd by eating weak and sick animals. Then the herd started to grow up again with beautiful animals and the sons of the woman could hunt again.

From this time, according to the Inuit mythology, « the Sons, the Wolf and the Caribou are only one. The Caribou feeds the Wolf, but it is the Wolf that maintain the Caribou’s good health ».


The 5 colors presented in Amarok Biotechnologies logo are for the major domains of biotechnologies:

Green Biotechs : For agro-sourcing sciences.

Yellow Biotechs : For environmental biotechs, treatment and elimination of pollutions

White Biotechs : Also named Industrial biotechs, an alternative to classical chemistry

Red Biotechs : Health biotechnologies

Blue Biotechs : For Bio-marine applications.