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Rapid ATP tests for checking the cleanliness of samples, surfaces and water

/ PocketSwab Plus®

The PocketSwab Plus® swab is a rapid, single-use, all-in-one ATP detection test that is stable at room temperature and allows surface hygiene verification in just 5 seconds, which This allows corrective action to be implemented in real time if necessary.

The PocketSwab Plus ATP® Swab is used for cleaning verification and validation of sanitation and hygiene practices to prevent cross-contamination and microbial issues due to ineffective cleaning procedures . Data is recorded for HACCP documentation and food quality/safety audits.

The PocketSwab Plus® is used in the food, pharmaceutical and health industries.

/ WaterGiene®

The WaterGiene® Swab is used to check water sanitation including clean-in-place water, rinse water and cooling water. This test measures total ATP in water in 20 seconds. High ATP levels indicate the presence of microorganisms, food residues or other biological substances in the water.

Water quality is measured by immersing and rotating the WaterGiene® swab in the water sample to be tested or by swabbing a rinsed surface.

WaterGiene® swabs are used in food processing plants to test process water, pipes, tanks and silos. They are also used in hospitals to check the disinfection of equipment.


• Results in 20 seconds
• Allows you to immediately implement cooperative action
• Accurate results with the NovaLUM luminometer

/ AllerGiene®

The AllerGiene® swab is a rapid test used to demonstrate the presence of allergens by detection of ATP. It helps prevent cross-contamination by food allergen residues on equipment. ATP is detected at very low levels and is used as an indicator of the presence of food residue on wet cleaned surfaces or in rinse waters.

AllerGiene® is a simple and rapid test, performed in 20 seconds with a sensitivity high enough to obtain a level of detection comparable to specific allergen detection methods - 0.1 to 25 ppm for most allergens : peanut butter, wheat, soy, shellfish (shrimp), milk, nuts, eggs, sesame.

The AllerGiene® test can be used in HACCP programs to help manufacturers prevent possible cross-contamination by allergens by verifying proper cleaning and elimination of all traces of food residue on lines shared production. The immediacy of results with the AllerGiene test allows cleaning to be repeated if necessary before the next production cycle.


• Results in 20 seconds
• Detects ATP from the FDA's top eight food allergens in a single test
• Allergen sensitivity comparable to specific allergen detection methods
• Allows you to immediately redo cleaning if necessary
• Precise measurements with the NovaLUM luminometer

/ NovaLUM® II-X ATP Detection System

The novaLUM® ATP Detection System II /b> Plus (sanitation/hygiene), AllerGiene® (allergen detection) and WaterGiene® (detection of sensitive ATP in water).

The system allows you to create personalized hygiene plans by location, surface type, location group and test channel. The data is saved and can be viewed from the system, printed or transferred to a computer. This makes it possible to test samples on site and process the data later from another location.


• High sensitivity thanks to the PMT photomultiplier
• ATP detection in just 5 seconds
• Real-time synchronization and analysis report via WIFI
• Creation of SMART plans